How to use


Syphilis Antibody Test Kit Instruction Manual

Please use the test Kit after reading this manual carefully.

In case of incorrect use, the test result will be invalid.

Test Kit Components

  1. Test Plate

(Plate + Dropper)

  1. Reaction Solution

  2. Squeeze Bulb

  3. Device

  4. Alcohol Swab

  5. Hemostatic Bandage

  6. Finger Pricks (One is extra)

*It is a needle with less pain

Please be sure to read the QR code to watch the explanatory video before conducting the test.

Precautions for use

Please read the instruction manual carefully before use, and use the kit correctly to collect blood by yourself at your own responsibility.

・If the blood volume required for the test cannot be collected enough, the test cannot be conducted.

・Avoid high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight, and store at a room temperature at 2℃ to 30℃.

・Keep out of reach of children.

・Please note that we are not responsible for accidental swallowing of reagents, gadgets, etc., or misuse of the test kit.

・Do not use the test kit after the expiration date.

・This product is not an in-vitro diagnostic product under the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law.

・If the result is positive, please visit a hospital or consult your family doctor.

・When discarding the test kit components, please dispose of them according to the regulations of each local government.

Test Method

  1. Thoroughly wipe and dry the fingertip with alcohol swab before pricking the finger.

  2. Massage the surface of the skin from the palm to the fingertip.

  3. Open the tip of a finger prick by turning it in the direction of the arrow.

  4. Fix your finger on the table, and press the purple part by keeping pressing the prick on your finger.


  1. After pricking the finger, squeeze the blood from palm to the fingertip until a droplet of pea-sized blood volume comes out.

Pea-sized Blood

  1. Drop 3 to 4 droplets on the device and wait for 5 minutes

*If the blood volume is not enough, the test result may not be accurate.

  1. Take out the plate and dropper from the pouch and place them on a flat and clean surface.

  2. After 5 minutes, attach the squeeze bulb to the device.

  3. Press the squeeze bulb to apply pressure and collect enough volume of serum with the attached dropper.

  4. Press the dropper and drop the serum into the square hole of S on the test plate.

  5. Add one droplet of the attached reaction solution.

  6. Wait for 10 to 30 minutes as it is.

You can confirm the test result in 10 to 30 minutes after dropping the reaction solution.

C: Control Line

T: Test Line

No Detection

This indicates the absence of syphilis antibodies in the tested specimen, which indicates a negative result.


The appearance of two-colored lines indicates a positive result.

It shows the presence of syphilis antibodies in the tested specimen.


If no line appears in “C” line, the test result is invalid.

Please retest by using a new kit.

* If the "C" line does not appear, the judgment is invalid. * If the serum volume is not appropriate, the judgment is invalid.

*Please do not refer to the results after 30 minutes or more passed in this process.

After Test

If this product gives a positive test result, please visit a hospital or consult your family doctor.

In addition, the result of no detection does not necessarily deny the infection.

・When discarding the used kit components, please dispose of them according to the regulations of each local government.

Reception Hours

10:00 - 18:00 Monday - Friday (Excluding Public Holidays)


Please read this instruction manual carefully before contacting us.

In addition, we cannot answer any inquiries regarding test results or diagnosis.

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