Product information

International Clinical Laboratory Testing Business

Japan-Valuing Precision Diagnostics
Precision quality control by Japanese clinical laboratory testing that Japan boasts to the world. We contribute to reductions of patients’ burden and treatment cost through medical care improvement and early detection of disease across the world with the precision quality control and advanced testing technology.

Dialysis, Medical Device Distribution and Technology Transfer Business

Japan-Valuing Precision Diagnostics
We offer Japanese-style dialysis business and medical devices including transfer of Japanese technology in the overseas market.

Pharmaceutical Product Distribution Business

Japan-Valuing Precision Diagnostics
We deliver Japanese medicines including vaccines, quasi-drugs, etc. to prevent diseases.

Alternative Medicine Business

Japan-Valuing Precision Diagnostics
We develop alternative medicine encompassing supplements, Japanese herbal medicines, ayurvedic products, deep sea water, etc. We also conduct international medical tourism business.


  • ◆Dealing with quality control to meet global standards
  • ◆Complying with laws and regulations of each country
  • ◆Keeping up on the latest information and knowledge
  • ◆Offering healthcare support for diverse market needs
  • ◆Making a social contribution from a global viewpoint

We deliver reliability and safety

We focus our efforts on distribution alignment to secure quality, safety and a stable supply of Japanese-made pharmaceuticals and vaccines; we tackle a task to facilitate processes of overseas supply chains to have medical products delivered with more safety and security by utilizing temperature-controlled logistic services. Further, we endeavor to strengthen “training” and “development” of human resources in quality control to safeguard their efficacy and safety in each country.

As a trustworthy partner,

Thanks to the support from our valued partner companies both in Japan and overseas, we have grown up to be what we are today. Recognizing the importance of acting on “integrity” and “accountability,” each and every one of us proactively goes ahead with objectives for future growth. We will carry out corporate social responsibility as a partner who can be trusted and behave with a considerate and thoughtful attitude all across the board.

And we realize technology transfer

Japanese technology is sought after across the globe. We help our partners form an affiliation with companies in the world and enter the overseas market by transferring the technology to enhance product quality.

By tapping into Japanese resources.

We have been nurtured by Japanese healthcare for some 30 years. We strive to globally deliver Japanese medical products, technology, precision quality control, etc.

Company Profile

【Company Name】 J-VPD, INC.
【Head Office】 BELX Shinjuku Bldg. 6F, 23-14, Aizumi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0005, Japan
【BOD Member】
Testuji Yamada
Masayoshi Ihara
Shinichi Thukamoto
Takeshi Ifuku
Masayoshi Aiso
【Establishment】 May 10, 2016
【Capital】 30 million yen
【Scope of Business】 ◆International Clinical Laboratory Testing Business
◆Sale and Import / Export of Pharmaceuticals and Quasi-drugs
◆Dialysis Business
◆Alternative Medicine Business
◆Sale of Dialysis Equipment and Transfer of Dialysis Technology
◆Sale and Lease of Medical Devices
◆Consulting Services for Hospital Management
◆Marketing Services for Medical-related Companies
◆Consulting and Marketing Services for Development of Commercial Facilities
◆Other Entrusted Business
【Group of Companies】 DCO,INC.( Parents Company)
   BELX Shinjuku Bldg. 6F, 23-14, Aizumi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0005, Japan
   Tel No:- +813-5357-7855
J-VPD Diagnostics India Pvt. Ltd.( Subsidiary Company)
   A-415, Lower Ground Floor, Defence Colony, New Delhi South Delhi DL 110024
   Mobile No:- 8630834830
【Information on Licenses】 Acquisition of Certificate for “Sale and Lease of Highly-Controlled Medical Devices, etc.” in June 2016
Acquisition of Certificate for “Sale of Pharmaceuticals” in July 2016
Acquisition of Certificate for “Testing Laboratory Registration” in January 2017