Realizing Your Wishes for Wellness

A huge number of people are unable to undergo proper diagnosis or treatment of poor health across the globe. Worsened diseases are detrimental to patients’ physical and mental conditions. Early death and prolonged disorder lead to be heavier economic burdens in some nations.
Diagnostic testing services we are providing perform a pivotal role in supporting illness prevention, diagnosis, treatment, etc. Japanese-style diagnostic testing will promptly provide scores of people with a wide spectrum of analyses as well as accurate test results under uncompromised quality assurance system in addition to the expertise in genomic and other areas.
It would be instrumental in reducing social and economic burdens and creating a healthy and sound society in the long run to contribute to the healthcare system alignment with diagnostic testing, etc. Further, we are convinced that it will play an essential part in generating a virtuous cycle for a vibrant and creative society, thereby working out health and epidemiological problems of people in the world.
In parallel with the international diagnostic testing services, we are engaged in other businesses such as dialysis, sale of advanced medical devices and products, technology transfer, alternative medical products, establishment of medical institutions, and medical-related marketing. Hence, your continued support for us would be highly appreciated

Tetsuji Yamada